The Honolulu Bulls are very excited to announce that starting this year, they will be using the Trace technology during games.

Trace is a tool that uses a robot camera, GPS sensors and a powerful software to automatically film the game and create personalized moments for every player on the roster starting at the U14 age groups.

Even more so now, players looking to play at the next level in college are required to send video highlights of their games in order to get a roster spot. With Trace, this will feel seamless. Each player will be able to create individual clips of their best moments. Using the Trace technology will be a pilot for the 2020/2021 season and will be used by our 07, 04, 03 and 02 teams. Every player will be wearing a tracer during the game, and Trace will automatically record the game, cut the game into moments and organize individual clips for each player, who will be able to share them with friends, family and coaches.

Trace also provides each player different performance metrics such as distance, top speed, minutes played, max effort and stamina. Moreover, this technology will be beneficial for coaches, as they will be able to review the games and adapt their game plans or practices depending on what they see during the game. Here is a quick overview of the Trace technology:


RSL Arizona announces the addition of Honolulu Bulls to the network of clubs working together to provide the best possible learning and competitive avenues for the players.

This partnership ensures that both clubs can benefit from a greater depth of players and easier access to more competitive leagues. Additionally, the partnership will ensure a shared training protocol that is consistent from youth academy to development academy and beyond.

“The history of the Honolulu Bulls is immense and we are very excited to welcome the Honululu Bulls into our club”, said Brent Erwin, RSL AZ Executive Director. “As part of our commitment to our players, we are constantly looking for avenues to expand their development and competition opportunities and we believe this partnership is another step in this direction. The coaches and staff at Honululu Bulls already share our coaching and training philosophy and we are excited to offer our standardized curriculum to their players.”

“Many of the great players developed in Hawaii, historically, have come thru the Honolulu Bulls. We are honored to be associated with the coaches, players, families and alumni of the Bulls and can’t wait to help build the next generation of great players from Hawaii!” added Brent.

“We could not be more honored and excited to be part of the RSL- AZ family,” said Rodney Lee, Honolulu Bulls Board President. “For us as a club, the RSL-AZ partnership builds on our ongoing efforts to provide pathways for our players development and offers them exposure outside of our island shores. Now, for those special players, we have an avenue toward nationally competitive DA and ECNL leagues. I want to personally thank Brent Erwin and Coach David Schaffer for their enthusiasm and efforts to bring us together.”

“It is a huge honor for the Honolulu Bulls to be a part of the RSL AZ family. RSL AZ exemplifies what we are teaching our players locally” stated Mael Lefebvre, Honolulu Bulls Director of Coaching. “It is a great opportunity for the development of our players to be able to have a pathway to play on the national level which we are not able to offer on a regular basis, here, in Hawaii. We could not be more excited to be able to work with a club that shares the same ideas about player development, as well as coaching philosophy. Therefore, I would also like to thank David Schaffer, Brent Erwin as well as the entire RSL AZ family to be allow us to be a part of their organization. We are looking forward to the fruitful relationship that this partnership will certainly bring” added Mael Lefebvre.