Success is winning in life

The Honolulu Bulls Soccer Club was founded in 1975 by Stanley H.C. Pao, Tri Nguyen, Tui Nguyen, Pinsoon Tenzing, and Jack Sullivan. In 1986, the club started a program to help their coaches obtain their coaching licenses which was a first in Hawaii. The focus of the club at the time was to gain success through winning, which consequently helped many players to play at a collegiate level. During that time, players could only join the club if they were selected by invitation.  In 1990, then President Frank Doyle, also known as the founder of the Waipio Peninsula Soccer Complex, started organizing monthly coaches’ meetings which are still in place today. The club began to structure itself. However, during the 1990’s the club saw its number of players drop and saw little activity. Everything changed in 1998 when the Board of Directors, including Jenai Wall and other notable business people, and Coach Michael Guidry hired Philip Neddo as the Director of Coaching.

The vision he had was to create a “model club” which they have been able to do successfully as the club has now a national reputation.  The model club introduced both boys and girls teams in every age group, Fast Footwork Training, Grid Games, and club-wide events, all of which were new concepts to the state of Hawaii.  When interviewed, one youth athlete said the biggest change when Phil Neddo came was the awareness of the other teams in the club and a club atmosphere. During Neddo’s tenure, the Honolulu Bulls and Hawaii Soccer saw an increase in youth soccer participation as well as an increase in Hawaii soccer players moving onto the next level.  Within the state of Hawaii, the HSC Bulls repeatedly broke records in number of teams to win State Champion Titles and move on to Regional Tournaments. Home to the first Hawaii boys and girls teams to make it to a Regional Final as well as win Regional Titles. In 2004 the ‘85 Boys was the first and only boys team to win a National Championship from the State of Hawaii.  In 2005, the ‘88 Girls team became the first to win a National Championship from our state. The HSC Bulls continued to grow their youth and push them to the next levels with teams winning nationally recognized tournaments, alumni attending and playing at top universities, receiving national accolades, and excelling at even the professional level.

In 2017, a change in the club led to a new Director of Coaching, Mael Lefebvre.  Hailing from France, Lefebvre brings an international focus to the club. Under his leadership, the club has introduced a comprehensive international travel program while redefining the vision, focus, and mission of the club.