Honoring Our Honolulu Bulls Alumni: Class of 2023 Pursuing Soccer Excellence in College

In the world of soccer, the path to success is paved with dedication, passion, and an unyielding commitment to the sport. For the Honolulu Bulls, a competitive soccer club that has been nurturing talent for years, these qualities are instilled in every player who wears the club’s colors. As we bid farewell to the graduating class of 2023, it is with immense pride that we celebrate seven outstanding individuals who are taking their soccer journey to the collegiate level.

Meet Our Class of 2023 Alumni:

  1. Alex Haggard – University of Puget Sound
  2. Jayden Sotelo – George Fox University
  3. Chase Kaetsu – George Fox University
  4. Kaleb Abara – Azusa Pacific University
  5. Kaimana Newman – Chapman University
  6. Kelly Takara – Hawaii Pacific University
  7. Stone Chun – Chatham University

These seven talented athletes have not only showcased their skills on the field but have also embodied the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork that the Honolulu Bulls stand for. As they embark on this new chapter of their soccer careers, we want to take a moment to wish them the best of luck.

To Alex, Jayden, Chase, Kaleb, Kaimana, Kelly, and Stone: Your journey with the Honolulu Bulls has been nothing short of remarkable. You’ve grown as players and individuals, and we have no doubt that you will carry these experiences forward as you continue to pursue excellence in collegiate soccer. Your dedication and hard work have already taken you far, and we eagerly anticipate the great things you will achieve in the years to come.

Remember the lessons you’ve learned on the pitch, the friendships you’ve forged, and the support of your coaches and teammates. Let these be your guiding lights as you face new challenges and triumphs in your collegiate soccer careers.

As you represent not only your respective universities but also the Honolulu Bulls, know that you have a community of supporters behind you. Cherish every moment, continue to strive for greatness, and never forget the roots from which you’ve grown.

The future is bright for these seven talented individuals, and we can’t wait to see the heights they will reach in the world of collegiate soccer. Congratulations to the Class of 2023, and may your passion for the sport continue to shine brightly on and off the field.

Go Bulls! Go forth and conquer the soccer world!