Success is winning in life

Everything that we do in life is a form of education. In soccer, education helps to develop a moral and aesthetic sensibility. In other words, we cannot just be happy to win games. We are happy when we play the right way.

While our modern society is often individualistic, we need to remember that soccer is a collaborative team sport. As players gain confidence and ability, they are able to share their technical ability with their team. The end result is that everyone plays better and has more fun!

Good soccer players have strong athletic abilities but also are smart and make appropriate decisions at the right time. As a team game, players must learn game intelligence. They must be able to anticipate and determine what will happen depending on where their teammates are. A good player will be able to asses each situation and react accordingly, a result from having a good relationship with your teammates. Sharing the ball with each other with one-touch passes is a good marker of anticipation. You are in the right spot before the pass is sent to you. It is also a good marker of the relationships between the players. Players know what their teammates will do before it happens!

Our educational goal at the Honolulu Bulls is the development of moral character, along with a sensitivity toward playing the game “the right way,” taking our players beyond the technical and physical game. We teach our players to compete as a team, with humility, solidarity, generosity and respect.

Our soccer education builds on those values and results in a love of the game and of the love of playing. At the Honolulu Bulls, we build both a winning and caring soccer mentality!